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Time to get united against uniform civil code: Shaikh Abu Saeed

Time to get united against uniform civil code: Shaikh Abu Saeed

The beauty of diversity of Indian culture, renowned for its togetherness and integration is being hit adversely by anti-social elements who are certainly big threat to society, culture and religion thus for entire nation in the name of governance.

While pushing uniform civil code in order to implement it these political offenders are trying to crush the tolerance, cultural heritage, freedom to practice all religions and reminance of Sufi -Saint Tradition of India.

Muslim and other peaceful communities would never allow such governance in this country.

These statements were uttered by Prominent Sufi - Daiye Islam, peacemaker Hazrat Shaikh Abu Saeed Ehsanullah Muhammad Safawi, caretaker of Khanqah-e-Arifia and Managing Trustee of Shah Safi Memorial Trust, Saiyed Sarawan, Allahabad while responding to the queries of recent discriminating and burning issue of Triple Talaaq and Uniform Civil Code.

He clarified that though the follower of Sufism does not give divorce to anyone but the emergent need of time which may worsen communal harmony due to this present government demands divorce. So we have to give TRIPLE TALAAQ to this existing government.

Associating his cohesion with all the organization working hard for the protection of Muslim Personal Law he stated: The Law which has been formulated in the light of Holy Qur'an and Sunnah is not liable to be changed by anybody. Thus, we are not going to accept any interference of government in any form with respect to Shariah Law at any cost.

We while remaining united at this issue need to protect Islamic Law and are not ready for any recommendations, alteration and to listen anything else.

He pointed that Uniform Civil Code is a high-level drama specifically for peace loving countrymen and Muslim in India in order to contaminate the overall environment of entire nation.

He highlighted this issue as a challenge for every Indian by not allowing unsecular forces to change our constitution.

Finally appeal that these motions need to be won in Favour not only by Muslim but by all Indians collectively as a mark of integrity.

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