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Jamia Arifia - an intro

Jamia Arifia - an intro

Daiye Islam Sheikh Abu Sayeed Shah Ehsanullah Mohammadi Safawi, put the foundation of this institute in 1993. It is located in the village of Saiyed Sarawn under the district of Kaushambi, 23 km away from Allahabad.
This institute runs under “Khanqah-e-Arifia Welfare Society” of “Shah Safi Memorial Trust” which is known for its social, cultural and educational works in India.
Sheikh Abu is well-renowned in India and abroad for his works and services in the fields of education, social welfare and preaching the peaceful Islam as well as for bringing out love, brotherhood, spirituality and honesty to our society.

Jamia Arifia is a modern Islamic educational institute. It aims to fill up the gap between spirituality and intellectuality, orthodoxy and modernity, divine love and world affairs, Madrasa [educational institute] and Khanqah [spiritual center]. Sheikh Abu Sayeed Shah Ehsanullah Mohammadi Safawi, the Great Sufi, Preacher and Peace Maker of the current era, put the foundation of this institute in 1993. It is located in the village of Saiyed Sarawn under the district of Kaushambi, 600 km away from Delhi and 23 km from Allahabad. This institute runs under “Khanqah-e-Arifia Welfare Society” of “Shah Safi Memorial Trust” which is known for its social, cultural and educational works in India.
Jamia is basically a religious institute and its syllabus is mainly based on traditional Islamic subjects, though it tries to give its students a good taste of modern subjects along with traditional subjects also, and teaches modern subjects like Science, Maths, Hindi and English languages and literature according to NCERT syllabus.
The atmosphere of the Jamia is magnetic and full of love and joy where students follow to pay respect to elders and love to younger ones. The entire environment is good for teaching-learning process and enables the students to gain self-confidence and feel secure. Jamia also motivates the students to maintain and follow the Islamic rules by explanation, discussion and spiritual teaching.

jamia Arifia is committed to providing a conducive environment for a future-oriented, holistic education, anchored in a rigorous bilingual academic programmed for children of all nationalities. We nurture students to be independent life-long learners imbued with sound moral values who are respectful and responsible, and who rise to the challenges of life creatively and enthusiastically in an ever-changing world. Develop infrastructure and support, including innovative technology, for research, teaching, service and partnerships. Develop and maintain model collaborative ventures and partnerships. Maintain and continue to improve a climate of respect and human dignity

Al Azhar University (Cairo, Egypt)
Jamia Arifia has recognized by Al Azhar University (Cairo, Egypt).every year some students those who has completed Alimiat(+2),Fazilat(B.A) go to Azhar University in different subject like Arabic, hadis, Fiqh and Tafseer.etc 

Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi, India)
Jamia Arifia also has recognized by Jamia Millia Islamia University. every year some students those who has completed Alimiat(+2),Fazilat(B.A) go to JMI University and they get admission  in different subject like English ,Arabic ,History ,geography ,Political Science. Etc

Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh, UP, India)
Jamia Arifia also has recognized by Aligarh Muslim University. every year some students those who has completed Alimiat(+2),Fazilat(B.A) go to AMU University and they get admission  in different subject like English ,Arabic ,History ,geography ,Political Science and bridge course.

Maulana Azad National Urdu University (Sub Regional Centre, Varanasi, UP, India)
Jamia Arifia also has recognized by MANUU. every year some students those who has completed Alimiat(+2), Fazilat(B.A) go to MANU University and they get admission  in different subject like B.A. Hons-JMC. M.A. (Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Women Studies, Public Administration, Islamic Studies, Political Science, History, Sociology, Economics &Translation Studies

Primary Education:
Jamia Arifia runs primary education program from class 1st to 5th in its campus and branches also. It provides students a unique syllabus mixing religious subjects with modern subjects. Giving them a strong base for future education and promising them a bright future, this department is working extensively towards promotion of primary education in the local area and playing pivotal role in the field of education.

Jamia Arifia offers a special course “Tahfeez-ul-Quran” (memorization of Holy Quran) which is run under the supervision of skilled teachers. They take individual care of every student and have an eagle eye on them. Hifz-ul-Quran contests are also organized to encourage them and to check the excellence of their memorization.
Tahfiz-ul-Quran Department has been active since its conception and playing a very important role in the field of Tahfeez-ul- Quran. It has produced a large number of Huffaaz (the scholars who have memorized the Holy Quran completely) for the Muslim community. Right now a large number of the students are coming from different states. Primary Islamic and modern education is also provided to these students. To apply for this program child should know reading Quranic scripts correctly.

Jamia offers a certificate level course in Quirat (Correct Phonetic Recitation of Quran) which aims to train the students in reciting the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation. All the candidates holding Hifz or Maulviat and Alimiat certificates are eligible to get admission to this course. All the students of Maulviat and Almiat are bound to attend Quirat classes.

Moulviat is specially designed five year course that aims to impart religious education along with modern education to high school level and offers traditional subjects like Nahw (Arabic grammar) Sarf (Conjugation of Arabic verbs) Fiqh, Usoole Fiqh, Balaghat (Arabic Rhetoric) Tafseer, Hadith and Usoole Hadith, Persian and English languages and modern subjects like Maths, Science, Hindi etc.
On completion of this course this institute issues Moulviat certificate which is regarded as equal to high school, after studying this course student can sit in high school examination without facing much problem, and after completing this course students have the option of either continuing his religious education of senior secondary level or going to senior secondary school to study modern subjects. Only those students are eligible for this course that has passed class- 5th.

This is a two year course particularly aimed at teaching students higher Islamic science like Quranic Sciences, Hadith and its related science, advanced study of  Fiqh , Usoole Fiqh, Balaghat , Arabic, Persian and English literature along with modern subjects like Maths, Science, Hindi etc. On completion of this course the institute issues Alimiat certificate which is regarded as equal to Intermediate. These students are eligible for admission in several subjects like Arabic, Persian, and Urdu etc. in different Indian universities like Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia, and Maulana Azad National Urdu University-Hyderabad and Jamiatul Azhar Cairo-Egypt. Only those students having Moulviat or equivalent certificate or holding proof of studying Moulviat level course from any Islamic institute are eligible to gain admission to this course.

Two-year course after Alimiat

“Dawa” is specially designed one year course that aims to impart religious education along with modern education and targets to prepare a group of individuals having expertise in subjects like Tafseer, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Tasawwuf, da’wat, Mutala-e Mazahibo Afkaar, Arabic and English literature and translation, along with basic Computer knowledge.

DSET: (Department of sport and educational tour)
(1) This department had been established by Jamia Arfia in 2012.Under this department various games are played, like cricket, football, volley ball, bad Minton and table tennis etc. these games are played under supervision of the expert teachers.
(2) Under this department students of Jamia Aarifia visit the historical places two times within one year. It’s also done under the teachers.

To promote, develop and propagate Urdu and Arabic languages, Jamia Arifia has been running the Study Center of The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) since 2010. It is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Government of India.
 To popularize Urdu and Arabic Language, this Centre provides ‘One Year Diploma Course in Urdu Language’ through Hindi and English medium and ‘One Year Certificate Course in Arabic Language’ for interested students, so that they can read and write both the languages properly.
A fee of Rs.200/- only will be payable by the learner at the time of seeking Application Form along with the Prospectus for registration at the Study Centre from 15 Jan to 28 Feb. (No other fee will be charged from the students)
 N.C.P.U.L provides study materials for both the languages with no extra charge along with assignments, except admission fee. Learners have to complete each assignment within four months and to submit to the Study Centre. Assignments marks are also added to the obtained marks in writing final examination that is held at the end of the academic session.
 Classroom teaching is also provided to the learners enrolled in this Centre so that they learn the languages properly.
HOSTEL: Jamia Arifia is fully residential Jamia. It provides a decent stay and the best possible learning place in a spiritual environment. It has been facilitating comfortable and safe accommodation to all its students, studying in Primary Department, Alia Department, Hifz wo Tajweed Department and Computer Department, since the first day of its establishment. Maulana Mohammad Imran Saqafi, the Principal of the Jamia is the Provost of all hostels/Halls. Teachers of Jamia do the work of warden ship alternatively.  They are responsible for the discipline, maintenance of building, allotment of rooms, etc. All the activities of students residing in hostels are strictly watched by wardens. Each room in hostels has a Supervisor (Ameer) to be followed by other roommates. Two Halls are reserved for minors. Recently there is a common mess of all hostels where students collectively have their lunch and dinner. All students of all classes are required to take lunch and dinner in the Common Mess. This is due to health/safety concerns and security reasons. Bathrooms and Toilets of all hostels/halls have been built in major numbers in one place and are open for all students. Life on-campus helps the students not only to study, but also to socialize with the peers. A friendship formed on the campus lasts a lifetime. The students housed in the campus are encouraged to use the playground and all indoor gaming facilities. It is mandatory for each hosteller to be present in all prayers regularly, on time and never to be late or absent.
 A well-furnished Makhdoom Shah Mina Hostel of the five floors. It would have the capacity of about 400 students. This hostel would consist of separate bathrooms and toilets on each floor.

Jamia Arifia is blessed with a rich library which is a boon for students of Jamia Arifia and scholars visiting from different parts of the country. It was founded in 2005. Now it consists of a rich and rare collection of more than 20,000 thousand textual and non-textual source books on various topics in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi and English languages including two special collections named after Durvesh Najaf Alimi Collection and Shahid Raza Azhari Collection. The specialties which distinguish this library from others are that it has a very good collection of Tasawwuf, old books and manuscripts. It subscribes a good number of monthly, bi-monthly, daily, weekly, quarterly and annual magazines, journals, daily newspapers and newsletters. People are working on the idea of organizing this library on the principle of modern library science to make it digitalized and equipped with modern state of the art technologies. This library is developing very fast and it is hoped that it will become one of the richest and very important libraries of India.

To provide a good learning experience Jamia is running with well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs. We at Jamia ensure that students should be given supervision, assistance and advice wherever they need it during their laboratory sessions.

Looking towards the present scenario of education system Jamia Arifia promises the parents to train their children in the computer. Right now, in a small hall, Jamia is running a Computer Centre containing about 20 computers, but these are not sufficient for Jamia students and Jamia works. We are looking for affiliate this Centre with N.C.P.U.L. New Delhi. After affiliation, it is expected that the Centre would be able to fulfill all the learning, teaching, academic and official needs.

It is a famous saying "Healthy mind lives in a healthy body". Undoubtedly, a healthy body cannot be expected if the diet one takes doesn't be nutritious. We are proud to state that the food served two times in a day in our mess is appreciated not only by our students, but also by high profile, dignified guests who visit our institute time to time. We serve hygienic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, which contain the aroma of homemade food.
A wholesome, well balanced and nutritious food is provided to meet the needs of healthy growth of children. The diet includes pulse, kari, fresh vegetables, meat, veg and non-veg biryani etc.
The Jamia campus includes numerous centers of attraction. One among them is our dining hall. It is a serene place wherein more than five hundred students can dine together. Mess has all the equipments that make cooking a fun in a hygienic atmosphere. Very soon a Roti Machine is going to be installed this year for a better and quick service. We have our own store where cereals are stored. 
 The menu is changed time to time to cater variety and taste as per the requirement of students. All the residential teachers dine with students on the same dastarkhan (dining seats).
Jamia serves fresh vegetarian and nutritious lunch and dinner to all age groups of students and visitors.

An airy, well ventilated, well-kept room with beds and basic medical facilities define the Health Care Centre is available in the Jamia Arifia. Full time qualified doctors are always available. The first-aid Clinic can handle situations by providing immediate relief in the form of first-aid. In Jamia we conduct Free Medical Camp twice in a month for regular dental and health check-up for all the students. Records of individual growth parameter like height, weight, strength and stamina are tracked at regular intervals. Most of these values are reflected in the biannual report cards for every student.

Jamiyat-al-talaba is a jamia arifia students’ organization.

Jamia Arifia has a Scholarship Cell which provides a number of scholarships to its students. Some important scholarships are listed below.
Financial Assistance: Jamia Scholarship Cell provides financial assistance to the needy and poor students. Some selective students are given Rs. 500 per month.
Dawa Scholarship: Some selective students of Advanced Diploma in Dawa and Islamic Studies with best career in the class are eligible for this scholarship. It is Rs. 1000 per month to each of them.
First Rank Award: Jamia bestows upon a student achieving the first rank at Jamia level with Imam-e-Azam Award including a certificate and a fixed cash award.
Second Rank Award: Jamia bestows upon a student achieving the second rank at Jamia level with Imam Al-Ghazali Award including a certificate and a fixed cash award.
This Cell aims to remove hurdles coming in the way of students during their studies and intends to create an environment of contest among students.
Muslim Philanthropists are requested to finance to this Cell so that we spend more and more money to make students free from financial worries.

Sports and games are the integral parts of education at Jamia Arifia. It enhances and harmonizes the physical and intellectual personality through supervised physical activities.
In our Jamia all students are expected to participate with sportsman spirit. It aims to provide appropriate opportunities for every single student to prove himself on the field.
We aim at providing worthwhile and enjoyable activities. We have play areas for Volley-ball, Badminton, and Cricket Ground also

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