Serve the human:serve the humanity


Quran says- If you save a life of a human,you saved the entire humanity and if you kill one human,you killed the whole humanity. As of now more than 1500 persons got relief packets which include the several villages of Kishanganj and Purnea District Key Focused- we identify the real needy person with the help of local people of that area specially the widows and the extremely poor people like harijans and people who are living in slums Name of the villages in which relief packets distributed 1.Dhomoni, 2.Chandwar, 3.Tegharia, 4.Natwapara, 5.barijan, 6.murmila, 7.bhopla, 8.Maltola, 9.Durgapur, 10.Rohiya, 11.Bhoradah (Haaj tola .kandi pokhar. diwana tola. nasimganj) 12.gona samesar. (Ramchar Bhoradah) 13.Jurail, 14.Bangawan, 15.Bibiganj, 16.Kurherali, 17.Matihari, 18.Mahiyaar, 19.Gaangi In purnia District 20.Baisi tola, 21.Bareli and 22.Pani shadra

we thank the entire flood relief team and Khankah e Arafia for Such a noble work they performed also thanks to local volunteers for their help to support the relief team.

A special thanks to Daiy E Islam Shaikh Abu Saeed Shah Ehsanullah Muhammadi Safvi the Sajjada Nasheen Khanqah e Arafia who guide us throughout the activity and encourage us for this noble work.

Also precious thanks to all those person who donated because without of them nothing will be possible. Now the team moved from kishanganj ,Purnea to Darbhanga and Madhubani, they have started medical camp and distribution of food packages in these flood effected areas. So honorable donors bless them and help them.


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